Data limit and Space limit

The data limit is the amount of bandwidth your website can use up each month. Bandwidth is used, each time someone views your site, so high-traffic sites generally use up more.
The space limit is the amount of memory, which is dedicated for your site and or emails on the server.

If you exceed one or both of these limits, in any given month, your site might be suspended; therefore, we warmly recommend to check these parameters from time to time and not to ignore system notifications and warnings.

In any given time, you can upgrade your site to a larger package by paying the difference in prices between your current package to the upgraded one.
In case of exceeding the limit space, erasing old emails, log files or backup files should be considered, before any upgrade.

Our reseller clients can, also, buy extra bandwidth or space, in GB units, according the noted prices in the site. 
If you find you are frequently exceeding your data limit, it may be more cost-effective to upgrade your hosting package. You'll be able to do this by calling our sales department.