What can I do with Web Hosting?

We'll resist saying the possibilities are endless but, they are pretty broad.
With our hosting packages, you can publish whatever you like online (as long as it doesn't contravene our Terms of Use).

Many clients use our hosting packages for personal or hobby websites.
However, these hosting packages are ideal, as well, if you run a business and want to launch a website for it, or maybe you want to set up a blog or forum.
We, also, offer database and scripting options so you can install blogging software like Wordpress and forum packages too - allowing you to build an online community or let the world know what you think.

Hosting package is also necessary in order to create mail accounts using your domain name.
Using mail account with the name of your domain is truly essential, if you're really interested in promoting your website or your business.
With our packages and the control panel software which join them, managing your website becomes easy.