eDomain - Registration of Domain names

Many of us have heard, not once the Domain terminology, however, only few people understand the meaning of it daily, the virtual aspect;
fewer still are aware that, legally speaking, it is considered to be intellectual property, for all intents and purposes and therefore the importance of its proper notation on the rightful owner.

As in the physical world of real estate, also in the "virtual world of real estate", we're talking about "land areas" (hereinafter: storage spaces on servers) and legal registration of "land plots", when the parallel to the registration of these plots, at the Land Registry Office, is the domains' registration at the relevant registrar, depending on their extensions. Therefore, buying a domain is equivalent to the purchase of territory on the Web.

Just as investors in visionary and long-term vision, acquiring land for investment or construction in the future, even in the virtual world, we have witnessed many times to purchase domain names before we formulated a concept Web site to build under any name.
Whoever understands recognizes the existence of a correlation between domain and promotion of the site, to be associated with him, at a later stage - As domain name will have greater seniority so permits, more easily, to promote it in search engines. Also the aspect of the long term investment, not gone unnoticed by purchasers of domains; In this regard, there are not few people who understand that there are domains, which are likely to rise significantly in the future, thus including also those who purchase popular domain names and then offer them for sale and cut a coupon.

In the following chapters we will bring here, summarized, simple explanations for terms relevant element and try to give practical tips in plain language that is understandable, even for those who practice areas and their knowledge are not in the business of managing sites, but would like to acquire an Internet presence.

We'll cover the first stage, perhaps most imprtant, determining on the web and create corporate branding or personal branding -
This is the stage of the DECISION ON THE NAME.


Whether you are about to purchase domain names in order to build a site,  and if you're interested in purchasing a domain name for the purpose of investment, there are several things that it is important to caution, before purchasing a domain name, which, as noted, may be used for your identification badge on the network over time.

We'll discuss the main things we see about choosing a domain name. 

Then, the deliberations in the selected domain extension and the trade-offs, we may be required. Domain names extensions represent, frequently, the purpose of the site.
For example, a site, designed to target Israel's surfers, will use the extension .co.il (or .org.il if it represents any organization); however, for a site that is interested for the international market we use generic extensions such as: .com., .net or .org;
Finally, don't forget the third group of domains that are not in Latin, but in any local language (such as domains in Hebrew), that use a special converter code (IDN).

Sometimes necessary and advisable to register at the same time, the same domain name, but with different extensions; This step may be necessary and advisable in order to cover different audiences or from marketing reasons of preventing competition in the future, by competing groups that have the same name but with a different extension.
As mentioned above, many times we need to compromise due to a lack of domain names, where a specific, selected as most appropriate, is held by someone else. One way to overcome this challenge is purchasing the same name, but with a different extension. In the relevant chapter, we'll bring a few examples, how you can overcome the shortage of domain names and purchase, despite all, proper names, with the keyword search and which, ultimately, will help you, to promote your website, more easily, across the various search engines.

And finally, a few sentences about domain acquisition services, provided by 
A unique and friendly domain name registration system, which allows buying domains quickly and easily, is available to all our clients.

We also provide, free of charge, without any need for laborious bureaucracy, which comes to fill out forms, the following related services:

-        Stand-alone DNS update service, directly from the "client area" admin panel;

-        Changing A records, NS, MX, CNAME Records;

-        Telephone service and fast.

-        Innovative and user-friendly management interface that lets you manage all
         domains easily and efficiently under "one roof"

-        Transfer an existing domain name from another Registrar
         (including the Internet) to the personal account of the client

-        Tax invoice received a detailed source and is digitally signed by e‑mail.