Privacy Policy

The company website is protected by one of the world’s advanced security technologies.

Data transfer on the website is securely encrypted with SSL technology, which enables encoding the sensitive data into complex codes, decipherable only by authorized parties.

All information on the website is stored on a secure server, on the most advanced server farms in Israel.

Order data and customer information are encrypted with advanced encryption technology and protected from malicious attacks.

Credit card data that is entered directly through the site is not saved on the company’s computers, nor is it available to any of the company’s employees. Rather, the data is fed directly to the payment company’s servers, through the Z-Credit software system.

Credit card data that is delivered by a phone charge is not stored on a computer,for reasons of security, but rather as an external hard copy that is destroyed periodically.

guarantees its customers that it will keep the information submitted to it secure and will not use the information in any way, other than for its original purpose, as customer records, which incorporate all order details, for easy tracking, when necessary.

guarantees that it will not transfer information in its possession to another party, with the exception of information required for the execution of online transactions.

guarantees that it will not make any use of customer information for the delivery of content messages of any advertising nature, except to send messages related to server maintenance and/or sites, or notices of various upgrades, directly related to domains and/or hosting packages used by most or all of the company’s customers.