Domain Services

  Have more than one website address

We let you point multiple domains to one site. This allows you to have a range of URL addresses which all direct visitor traffic to the same website. 
The number of pointing domains is depended on the type of hosting plan you choose to buy.

The benefit, in using this service, is the possibility to buy up commonly variants on your Domain name and to approve that your clients will reach your site in any combination of spelling or search. 
Also, you can buy few domains for a specific campaign or event and still would like that all of them will point the same site.

Full DNS Control

Domain names bought through us can be pointed to any website of your choice. 
So you don't obligate to have eDomain's website to benefit from our great value domains. All modifications will be done free of charge.

Your Domain as an email address

Do you want to win friends and influence people? 
Silly question, of course you do.
Well, giving out an email address based on your domain name will certainly create a stir; indefinitely, it is the best way to do it. Let as many people as you can to hear and to know about your domain name.

All our hosting packages become with the option to define mail accounts, using Outlook as well as Webmail and all of it without any extra charge.