Hebrew Domain Names

Most of the sites in Israel have only Hebrew content; they are for an Israeli audience, so why should the domain names be in English?

A source of great frustration for many Internet users is the bias towards English and the Latin character set, which the Domain Name System was based on. This prevents billions of people from using the characters of their native tongue when typing in domain names and is a substantial barrier to Internet usage, particularly among the elderly.
This also avoids the challenge of trying to spell out the Hebrew names of sites in Latin characters, when there is often more than one choice. For example, the Hebrew word for dance could be spelled out as "rikud", or "rikood", or the popular holiday- sukot can be spelled, also, as "sookot", or "sucot", or many other possibilities.

After decades of this inconvenience, the support of non-Latin characters finally commenced.
Domain names written in Hebrew letters can be ended in either ".com" or ".net".
Since January 2011, the popular ".co.il" and .org.il are available too.

Registration and use of the permitted domain names is enabled through I-DNS.net (Internationalized Domain Name System technology), which supports more than 59 languages.