How do I chose my Domain Name?

Have you ever wondered how many people think about the same domain name that you want to register… and may be even at the same time? The one who actually goes ahead and registers it takes the cake; the others keep waiting or make compromises. 

Choosing a good domain name is not difficult. Finding an available domain that you like can be tough; but if you search hard enough and take in all possibilities as far as where you can buy a domain, you will get lucky eventually. 

So, if you have a good domain name in mind, don't wait! Just go and grab it before anyone else does, because it’s cheap only until it is not reserved. There is no harm in reserving a domain, even if you do not intend to use it for your online business in the near future. 

Because you must choose a domain before your site goes online, domain name registration needs to be carefully planned so that you do not regret your choice later. There are some important factors to consider when registering a domain including:

- The TLD or domain extension (, .com, .net)

- The purpose of your website
- Any particular major keywords you are focusing on
- How long you will register the domain for
- Where you will register the domain
- If you will buy domain privacy 


Whichever method you choose to buy domain names, make sure they match your websites, are short and memorable, and will attract users to click through to your websites.

Always remember to keep your average user in mind. If your target audience comprises lay buyers, make sure you opt for names that are simple to use and easy to spell. This will help in avoiding typing mistakes and increase retention value. Imagine the effort it takes to spell and type ‘’! Buy a domain only after you talk to a few people close to you and see if they are comfortable using the name.