Backup Services

* Can be added using the order form of hosting packages.

It is only finished a new website, which invested many hours of creative thinking and some money,or  you changed the site content and appearance that accompanies you, for a long time.Some of you have dynamic wbsites that contain forums, blogs, or other databases that change every minute.

Have you thought how to protect your data if, God forbid, would be hacking into the site and scarred where files, or if the disk, on the host server, is damaged and isbok life?

Well, most of us tend to suppress these disturbing questions and simply... hope for the best; Even those, that do perform regular backups, tend sometimes to put it off a little, or not to perform it, as required by embezzlement characterizes their websites.

provides, as part of its hosting packages, convenient tools for backup, in the responsability of the customer.In reality, most customers do not use these tools and thus do not fulfill important responsabilities towards the site, they owned. 

For those of you, who find the descriptions of the facts, so far, relevant to them, we have prepared Automatic Backup Services, on a daily basis and in a very symbolic prices of:
5 to 15 NIS/month, only, depending on package size of storage; 
* (The service is not available for Free hosting packages).


Extra cost for related backup services

Type of hosting package

5 NIS/Month


5 NIS/Month


7 NIS/Month


7 NIS/Month


15 NIS/Month


15 NIS/Month

Reseller - STAR



  1. We strongly recommend every customer to maintain current backup, also possible, on his computer. 
  2. The above prices do not include content's restoring, unless the data loss caused by a technical failure in the company servers. Customers will be able to restore data, using the latest backup files to be transferred to them by , or for an additional fee of 20$ for each domain.
  3. It is recommended to monitor the site daily level, to avoid situations that backup files include malicious  content.


For more information and/or explanations about the service, please call +972-9-7925202