3 STEPS to register a Domain Name

1. Think of a name

Try and choose a name - 3 characters, at least, that is easy to remember. It is better that your domain name will be short and will describe your website and your business. For instance, an online dating service may use a domain name like meetme.co.il.

2.Check Availability

Checking availability, of the potential domain name, can be easily done by using our domain checker tool Simply type the name you want into the search box and away you go!Unfortunately, you may find that many of the popular domains are already registered, so be prepared to use your imagination and consider alternative domain endings (like: .com, .net, .tel, .mobi).

3. Register

Your search results will be displayed on the page and you can choose which name or names you would like to buy.
invites you to proceed the registration process in our secured website.
It is warmly recommended to attach to your new domain hosting package, which will enable you to upload your website or to simply begin to use your domain as the default for your mail accounts.